Berry-market is a unique project intended to connect procurement officers and buyers of berries, mushrooms and drug-technical raw materials. This site is aimed at creation of civilized market of procuring products and rendering of assistance to all its participants.

Taking the opportunities of Berry-market you will be able to sell and purchase needed to you products quickly and profitably, find business partners. Thanks to regular mailing of up to date information (at your desire), you will be always in focus of most recent offers in respect of group of goods you are interested in. — is really a convenient information resource.

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Berries and Fruits
  • cranberry, 15 т 260 rub./kg
    frozen, electronic, crates
    Ленинградская область
  • red bilberry, 20 т 250 rub./kg
    frozen, electronic, craft bags
  • blueberry, 10 т 360 rub./kg
    frozen, electronic, craft bags
Drug-technical raw materials Drug plants
Asked for the last month
red bilberry 743 times
cranberry 580 times
blueberry 447 times
The volume of raw material on 21.04.2021
Sell Buy
Drug-technical raw materials
40.5 t 2.3 t
Berries and Fruits
159.0 t 1.0 t
99.7 t 3.3 t
1.7 t 0.0 t
0.1 t 0.0 t